At the Yuzana Group of Companies, we are constantly striving to create long-term sustainable growth by implementing strategic development plans through cooperation between our people, resources and technology.
We are committed to become the industry leader in our core business sectors while creating values for our organization, people and community. Our main priority is to deliver products and services with the highest quality standards to our stakeholders and customers. From top to bottom, all of our business dealings and transactions are done through one key principle, which is to take pride in being a responsible citizen. To be a responsible citizen, we use the following guidelines in every action we take. These guidelines are:

- To adhere to the strict ethical and moral standards,
- To support the development of our community and
- To protect our environment.

The Yuzana Group is a diversified group with involvement in construction and real estate development, property management and agriculture businesses. Started out with a few residential building development projects at its inception in 1993, the Group has gradually developed into become one of the most reputable companies in Myanmar by fulfilling the need for quality housing and community development projects in the country. The Yuzana Group pioneers in developing large-scale mixed use development projects and affordable housing projects.



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